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Lose weight by changing your thought process using Noom

Noom features daily lessons, peer motivational groups, one-on-one coaching, and intuitive wellness tracking tools.

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Changing your habits is incredibly difficult. Maybe you’re the type of person who looks at their iPhone first thing every morning, mindlessly scrolling through social media apps for longer than you’d like to admit. Maybe you are the type who absolutely needs their coffee before they do anything. Perhaps you have a passion for sweets and video games. But, all this considered, it’s easy to understand why so many of us struggle with weight issues. 

When the annual medical cost of obesity in the United States is in the hundreds of billions of dollar range, it’s evident that there are few clear answers. To help cut through the noise, Noom takes a different approach than most wellness apps. Instead of bombarding you with a new diet philosophy, it offers insights driven by behavioral psychology studies and proven science. 


If you decide to take a chance and sign up for an account with Noom, you’ll be able to see its approach firsthand right off the bat. The app sends you personalized daily lessons with all sorts of insights that can range from interesting facts about how food influences your body to how to deal with common triggers when changing habits. These lessons are customizable in the sense that you can choose when they’re sent to you so they don’t become a distraction or disruption to your busy days. 

On top of its lessons, Noom’s platform offers a wealth of tools for subscribers. After signing up and beginning your membership, you can track your weight loss with a specific log, monitor your food and water intake, and even count your steps. Peer motivation groups and one-on-one coaching sessions are also available, adding a personal and inspirational touch to the suite of weight-loss tools. 

With mostly positive reviews from 696,000-plus in the App Store (4.7/5 star average) and a wealth of inspiring testimonials, Noom indeed works for many. One user named Tracy wrote, “I’ve been on Noom for almost six weeks. So far, it’s been completely different than anything else I’ve been on, and it’s working terrific!” 

Get started with Noom Weight today and discover the knowledge and support you need to create lasting change. 


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