Looking For A New Domain Extension? Get A .Tech Extension On Your Website For $80

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Why are domain names so important? A domain name gives your brand instant credibility and puts you in the same online marketplace as your biggest competitors. Long gone are the days of bricks and mortar; the internet has given anyone with a little imagination and a fabulous product or service the ability to create something amazing — but first, you need to own your company’s domain.

But your domain name isn't the only thing you should consider. See the three or four letters that appear after the dot? That's your domain name extension, and it can have a subtle impact on how website visitors perceive your brand. So, if your up-and-coming brand means business, you should consider a .tech extension. .tech domains are the fastest growing domains on the market, with organizations like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Viacom and Intel making the move. It's not only a name for global brands, but individual programmers working on passion projects are getting in on the action. And you can too — .tech domain names are currently available through Radix for just $79.99.


Launch your brand into the world of tech with a .tech domain. This extension is crafted specifically for brands, companies, individuals, enthusiasts and students who want to indulge in the world of technology. With a .tech domain extension, you can give your customers, investors and clients an immediate impression of your dedication to the tech sector. With this deal, you can build a reliable brand presence online, one that has a sustainable identity that offers you room to expand your business in the tech space without having to change your online identity. 

Protect your brand, business and identity with a .tech domain name. Right now, Radix is offering 10-year .tech domains for $79.99, or 98 percent off. 

Prices subject to change.

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