Looking For A New Career? Take These Network Engineering Courses For Under $40

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The internet may underpin everything, but what underpins the internet is networking. If you're looking for a new career, the Complete 2022 Certified Cisco Training Bundle will help you get the certifications and knowledge you need.


The courses in this bundle come from the team at Skill Success, which has a decade of self-paced online learning under its belt. Each course is taught by somebody who works in the field and offers practical training and advice to understand how computer networks are built, run and protected, and how to get Cisco's certification.

Cisco has five levels of certification: Entry, Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert. This bundle focuses on the Associate level, specifically the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification, and introduces you to the technologies you'll need to know to move up the ladder.

First, you can get your CCNA. There are three courses focused on this, with specializations in Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), a complete guide to the CCNA exam and what you'll need to know and practice labs to apply what you've learned. Together they'll help you pass the exam and hone your skills.

Next, you can learn about Cisco's tech for the workplace. First, there's a detailed look at Ansible, an open-source software system that helps you automate networks. Or you can focus on becoming a Cisco Contact Center Express Administrator, which certifies you in Cisco's voice communications tools. Finally, you can master Cisco Unity Connection administration, a powerful voicemail tool that's popular in a wide range of workplaces.


Between these certifications and skill trainings, you'll lay the foundation for both a great career and to work your way towards more advanced lines on your resume. If you're looking to start the new year with a new job, this is the place to start.

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