Looking for a Little Natural Illumination? Check Out This $45 Bioluminescent Orb

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Are you a lover of all things natural? Does nature inspire you in ways you simply can’t explain? With energy and mojo like that, you need to surround yourself with the beauty of the natural world. Sure, urbanization and modernization have taken over, but you can preserve a little piece of Mother Nature at home—just for you. 

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is a hand-blown glass sphere filled with beautiful bioluminescent PyroDinos, better known as dinoflagellates. This stunning orb produces natural light (bioluminescence) at night when you give it a gentle swirl. An interactive night light, air purifier, object d’art, conversation piece and science lesson all in one—this orb will give you the natural boost you so desire. 


What makes it work? Nature, of course. The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is basically a self-sustaining micro-aquarium filled with bioluminescent plant-plankton. Similar to a houseplant, but far more exciting, this Bio-Orb will clean the CO2 and other toxins out of the air in your home and give you fresh oxygen in return. Don’t you just love science and nature? 

All natural? We thought you’d never ask. The bioluminescence (illumination) results from a light-producing chemical reaction called chemiluminescence—a natural defense mechanism of many marine creatures including—yup, you guessed it…plankton! Bring nature into your home and create an environment filled with peace and tranquility. 

Every summer, thousands of people flock to see these algae in action, but you can have a front seat in your very home. Invest in a more peaceful approach to home decor and reap the benefits of tranquility, light and purified air. Your Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is easy to care for and makes a statement piece in every home. 

Add a little natural light to your home with the Bioluminescent Bio-Orb, on sale now for $44.99.


Prices subject to change.