Learn Without Screens With 75% Off A Lifetime Knowable Subscription

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Listening to talks and lectures is fun, but do you really learn anything from them? Evidence is beginning to emerge that we do. A randomized trial of medical students, for example, found that students who listened to audio content saw a 22% improvement in their grades in specific topics, even when they were also doing something else. So if you're looking to learn while working out, cooking or walking the dog, Knowable is offering a lifetime subscription for just $59.99, 75% off.

Knowable offers master class lectures from an enormous range of experts and educators. Their most popular courses include:

  • Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, Everlane’s Michael Preysman, and other founders layout how to effectively launch a startup and deal with the inevitable bumps in the road.
  • Food writer Mark Bittman explores practical methods to prepare food for busy people. You'll learn how to choose better meat, so you eat less of it while getting more out of it; how to batch-cook to save time and stress; and how to cook without finding, or following, a recipe.
  • Astronaut and fighter pilot Scott Kelly discusses leadership by drawing from his personal experiences, both his successes and the moments where he stumbled.

Whether you're looking to sleep better, work more effectively or just learn something new, Knowable's list of courses is growing every week across a wide range of topics. They also come with lesson summaries, companion textbooks, and other materials to enhance the learning experience.

It's also built to come with you. Available on both Android and iOS, you can fire up a course any time, anywhere. And with a lifetime subscription for just $59.99, you'll have ongoing access to every class, so you can go back and dig into the material whenever you have free time. If you've got time to listen, Knowable has something worth paying attention to.

Prices subject to change.