Learn To Speak A New Language Like A Local With This Affordable App Reviewers Love

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There are many advantages to speaking multiple languages. Communicating with foreign friends, traveling around different countries, standing out among colleagues in the workforce … the list goes on. Speaking more than one language might even make you smarter and could also help you with entrepreneurial endeavors


Learning a new language isn’t easy, but as is the case for most things: there’s an app for that. Many apps, actually, which is why the reviews section comes in so handy. The verdict is in: those looking for a highly-rated app available for a great price should turn their attention to the Memrise Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription

CNN called Memrise the “language learning app that rises above the rest” for many reasons. First, the three-step approach to learning helps users pick up language more naturally. Also, the customizable app adapts the learning path for each user for a personalized (and more productive) experience.

Students can choose from 22 languages and immediately start learning from real locals using common phrases in real-world contexts. It’s why CNET called Memrise the best app for learning to speak casually in a new language (it’s also #4 on the publication’s list of best language learning apps of 2020). One of the most-loved Memrise innovations is the short video content, which helps users learn how locals use the same phrases in different conversations. 

Consistency is key, so Memrise boasts smart features like daily goal setting and study reminders. Those with a competitive streak will be especially motivated by the leaderboard, where you can see how your numbers track against fellow learners. 


Bells and whistles aside, Memrise takes the top spot even when ranked against popular apps like Rosetta Stone and Babbel because it’s effective (not to mention more affordable!). Trust over 1.3 million reviews on the Google Play Store and over 150k reviews on the App Store. 

Get the confidence to speak in a new language and have a little fun while doing it. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to Memrise Language Learning for $99.99, down 28% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.