Learn The Top Five Data Science Skills In 2021 For Just Under $40

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According to software development and consulting company D Labs, the five most in-demand skills for data scientists are as follows: Python, other programming languages like JavaScript and R, machine learning, probability and statistics and business knowledge. 


While it might seem tricky for any data scientist to get all of those skills all at once, it's entirely possible with The 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle. For just $39.99, you can study to become a professional-level data scientist who's ready to tackle tech problems for your current or future employer. 

This comprehensive course bundle features nine distinct courses that allow users to build their IT and data science skills set through 212 hours of tutorials. Featuring content on Python, Linux, TensorFlow, discrete math and more, these courses cover top in-demand data science skills in a holistic way.

There are two courses dedicated to learning Python as well as a course on machine learning with Python, demonstrating how this key language is wholly explored in this course bundle. Courses on statistical modeling in R and machine learning in Python cover additional essential programming skills, while courses featuring app and website-building projects allow users to develop a wide range of skill sets.

In fact, that's exactly what student Danny N. said about the bundle, describing it as, "The most comprehensive and personalized learning experience in a programming course."  Danny states he'd "highly recommend to anyone interested, regardless of experience." If that doesn't entice you, perhaps the course instructors will. These classes are led by data scientists, engineers and technology consultants with years of experience in their respective fields. One such instructor is Minerva Singh, Ph.D., a Tropical Ecologist whose research involves extensive data analysis using skills in R and Python. 


If you're ready to take your data and computer science skills to the next level, The 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle is an informative and inexpensive way of learning everything you need to know. Available for a limited time at a 97 percent discount, this $39.99 bundle is a special deal that won't last long. 

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