Learn Sign Language With A Virtual Educational Experience

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Fun fact: as of 2019, roughly one million people use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. We were reminded of the importance of ASL when the pandemic hit, as deaf and hearing impaired communities struggled to attain important information. Whether you’re using it to communicate with a loved one, for work or simply seek to expand your horizons, learning ASL is a highly encouraged idea – and one that’s facilitated by an awesome deal. 


The Ultimate Learn to Sign Language Certification Bundle is available for just $20. An amazing opportunity to learn ASL, this 21-course bundle is brought to you by Able Lingo, a company that counts over 17,000 students. Read on to learn why tens of thousands favor the company’s simple and easy approach to ASL. 

First things first: learn the ASL alphabet. One 5-star course covers how to sign 36 countries as well as personal pronouns and other important vocabulary signs. Then, put your new knowledge into practice putting sentences together. You’ll then learn to sign days, places and dialogue, with lessons designed to teach you to respond to questions and hold short conversations. 

Once you have the basics down, you’ll start to sharpen your vocabulary and learn more everyday phrases. Hone your fingerspelling skills in a 4.9-star course that dedicates two hours of content to this important topic. As you move through this bundle, you’ll become more comfortable signing; some lessons come with a timer to challenge you to think fast and become fluent. 

You’ll also learn how to express emotion via ASL, with a 4.8-star course focused on asking and responding to questions like, “How are you?” While learning the basics is great, getting comfortable with this level of ASL will help you make and foster deeper connections during conversation. On the topic of connections, there are specific lessons for different relationships. For example, there’s a 5-star lesson on child-parent communication, focused on phrases used in this environment. 


There are only benefits to learning ASL, so take this as your sign to start today. Right now, you can get The Ultimate Learn to Sign Language Certification Bundle at $19.99, less than $1 per course.

Prices subject to change.