Learn How To Become A Unity Game Developer For Only $25

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of developing your own video game since you were a kid, or are thinking about entering this lucrative industry, learning to create in Unity unlocks a world of possibilities. Case in point: an astounding 71% of the top 1,000 mobile games are made with Unity.


You can tap into your potential to build 2D and 3D projects with The Official Unity Game Development Bundle. Over 6,800 students have enrolled in this highly-rated bundle, and if that doesn’t pique your curiosity, consider this: it’s on sale for only $25 (down from $800). That’s a major steal for four virtual courses designed to help you develop like a pro. 

Led by Jonathan Weinberger, the author behind Learn Unity Programming with C#, these courses jump right into learning how to create commercial-quality games by teaching you to code in C#. One of the courses actually features 12 hours of comprehensive content with hands-on lessons; you’ll actually learn C# by creating a game yourself. Pretty cool for a beginner! 

Programmers of all levels can benefit from this course bundle, as well. Beginners will learn basic C# concepts (like variables and if statements) as well as more advanced concepts (think delegates, design patterns and lambda expressions). Even if you’re already in the industry, this course bundle reinforces concepts that will help you stand out among your colleagues in this highly competitive field. 

Once you have the mechanics down, you’ll get into the artful details that make a game go viral. In a step-by-step course on cinematography, you’ll learn how to create an awesome stealth adventure game using Unity’s Timeline and Cinemachine. You'll also discover how to add animation tracks for storytelling as well as excellent cutscenes. 


This cult-favorite course bundle includes lessons on 2D mobile game development, which you can translate into profitable apps. Learn as you create your own dungeon escape adventure game and later learn how to make money with Unity Ads. You’ll even learn how to publish your creation to the Google Play Store. 

If playing video games is good for your brain, imagine how much better it is if you're behind the actual development? Right now, you can get The Official Unity Game Development Bundle at $25, down 96% from the original MSRP.

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