Kids Can Use AR To Explore The Planet From Home With Orboot Earth

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After years of trying to make augmented reality take off, the time might have finally come. Despite efforts from big brands like Samsung and Snap, the technology hasn't yet made waves the way other innovations have. Now, tech industry leaders are betting big on augmented reality headsets, meaning it might finally be AR’s big moment. 


While AR may be more widely considered as a toy-type mechanism for gaming and social media, augmented reality has actually proven to be a great teaching tool, too. Take Orboot Earth, for example. This AR-powered interactive globe for kids is absolutely awesome, and a guaranteed method for getting young learners interested in (and educated about) the world beyond their hometowns.  

In tandem with the Orboot Earth app, this interactive device helps kids learn myriad fun facts about the world, from different countries' native animals and exciting scientific inventions to international cultures and cuisines. It’s basically a passport for global exploration, which no kid (or adult, really), can possibly turn down. The 4.5-star Amazon rating proves just how fun – and educational – this augmented reality globe can be. 

Here’s how it works: simply scan the 10” globe using the companion app and watch the world come to life. Children will be thrilled with lively visual storytelling and voice interactions, as well as more interactive activities like quizzes, puzzles and even challenges. Kids will love the included stamps and flag stickers, which bring the experience to another level. 

Designed for kids ages 4 to 10 years old, this is the educational toy you’ve been looking to get your little one. Keep your children curious and educated with this awesome AR globe, available on sale now. 


Right now, you can get the Orboot Earth: Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids at $54.99, down 8% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.