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Interest in the outdoors is booming and that's no surprise, nature is amazing and learning about it is so much fun! The next time you're on a hike, camping or just taking a walk around the city, you can learn more about the natural world around you with a lifetime subscription to NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan. For only $19.99 (reg. $59), you can get a lifetime of nature knowledge. Just open the NatureID app, point your phone's camera and use the app to identify the greenery!

With a 4.6 out of 5 stars on the App Store, NatureID is the hugely popular AI-driven plant identification tool that replaces frantic Google searches and plant encyclopedias. It can also help diagnose plant diseases in the early stages before they become serious. Take more indoor plants from seedling to fully grown with a lifetime subscription to the NatureID app for only $19.99, that's $40 off the usual price.


Whether you're a green thumb or a total newbie to gardening, the NatureID Plant Identification app is great for tracking your plant journey. Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can provide fresh herbs, medicinal plants and even delicious veggies! The app includes a plant journal, automatic reminders and tips for keeping your plants growing. You'll be getting tons of plant info at the touch of a button for just $19.99!

This lifetime subscription is an outstanding buy for anyone who wants to up their gardening hobby, know a bit more about the natural world or has a love for learning. One 5-star review said: "It lets you upload a photo of your plant and automatically identifies it and tells you facts about it such as when to water and what temp to keep it at. I was keeping one of my plants in direct sunlight and it was dying but the identification let me know it’s best to keep it in cool, dry, darker areas and now my plant is growing again!"

Grab a lifetime subscription to the NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan today for only $19.99, and keep your plants happy, healthy and growing!

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