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The idea of inanimate objects coming to life as intelligent beings dates back to the times of the Ancient Greeks, but the term “artificial intelligence” was formally coined by a handful of scientists in 1956. Look how far we’ve come! No, the machines haven’t taken over the world (at least, not yet), but their presence can be felt in our everyday lives. From voice-powered personal assistance like Google, Siri and Alexa to behavioral algorithms, the world of AI is coming to fruition. 

If you’ve always been interested in AI and are looking for innovative ways to harness its power, you'll need to learn how to use the code that powers it. Luckily, the A to Z Artificial Intelligence eBook Bundle offers courses that'll help you get up to speed. 


This 10-part eBook bundle from Packt Publishing offers you 10 comprehensive eBooks to prepare and educate you about the innovative world of artificial intelligence. The courses contain courses that will boost your knowledge of automation by teaching you programming techniques and how they can be applied to AI to projects. This includes building intelligent robots, apps with Python, AI systems with Java and more. 

The A to Z Artificial Intelligence eBook Bundle provides you in-depth knowledge on how AI can interact with the world around you, and with lifetime access, you can dive into all 10 eBooks on your own time. There's no need to rush your studies, and you're free to brush up on your knowledge at any time in the future. 

If you’ve been considering a career change or just looking for a way to increase your understanding AI, this bundle will give you a comprehensive understanding from the basics to an advanced level to get you started creating your own AI project. And right now, it's on sale for just $19.99, down from $311.

Prices subject to change. 


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