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Drones are no longer just for military reconnaissance or for elite hobbyists. Now just about anyone can reap the joys of a high-flying quadcopter. These devices are a must if you want to capture high-quality aerial photographs and videos. And with a drone, you can capture outdoor activities from angles you've never seen before, all in real-time. All it takes is a quick YouTube search to get a front-row view of how exhilarating drone footage can be. Their enthusiasts are everywhere, and we are looking to convert you too. 

Drone technology and prices can range dramatically. Any hobbyist will tell you to score a durable and affordable uncrewed aerial vehicle (that’s fancy speak for drone). You need something you can easily maneuver for your first few spins around the block. That’s where the Vivitar VTI Phoenix comes in. This foldable camera drone lets you capture a bird’s eye view of your favorite places and discover new terrain from high above the ground. It's on sale for just $159 (reg. $249).


The Vivitar VTI Phoenix Foldable Camera Drone (DRC-LSX10) comes secure and organized in the included carrying case to ensure all your accessories are protected from damage and ready for an efficient flight. You get up to 32 minutes of flight time with an impressive 2000 feet of flight range. The real-time WiFi transmission lets you experience your flight as it happens, keeping you a part of the unfolding action. And the simple-to-use, one-button take-off and landing ensures enjoyable flight simulation and control. 

See what all the hype is about. Once you take to the skies with your Vivitar, you will be hooked and quite possibly posting your own flight log, videos, and images for all to enjoy. Get a Vivitar VTI Phoenix right now for $159 (reg. $249), a discount of 36 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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