Improve Your Thought Processes and Boost Creativity with This $50 Mind Mapping Tool

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Ever heard of mind mapping? It is an incredible tool that links key concepts using images, lines and links arranged a core concept or subject. Basically, thoughts radiate out from a single idea so you can properly arrange your ideas and concepts in a way that visually organizes information.

This powerful technique allows you to translate what’s in your head into something that others can appreciate and absorb quickly. Sounds complicated, but Zen Mind Map Pro makes it easy, and it's on sale for $50 today.


With a lifetime subscription to this web app, you can gather and compile your thoughts quickly and efficiently. Simple and easy to use, Zen Mind Map allows you to create mind maps and brainstorm. Unlike traditional note-taking or linear text, mind mapping actually resembles more closely how your brain actually functions. Both an analytical and artistic exercise, mind mapping engages your brain in a deeper and more profound way. 

If you are looking to boost your team’s morale or share profound and deep concepts, you need to try mind mapping. Avoid dim, linear thinking and boost your creativity with the Zen Mind Map Pro. With a lifetime subscription, you will find yourself using The Zen Mind Pro again and again and increase team productivity for better creative outcomes. 

Need further convincing? With a 4.65 star rating on AppSumo, users are raving about this product and technique. In the words of one 5-star reviewer, “neat and easy to use mind mapping tool! I love it!” Well, if those words haven’t convinced you, we have no idea what will. 

Get started on a new creative and cognitive journey through the world of increased productivity with mind mapping. Get a lifetime subscription to Zen Mind Map Pro for $49.99, or 91 percent off.


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