Improve Your Surrounding Air Quality With This Wearable Air Purifier

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There's no shortage of air pollution. From smog to dust to smoke, air quality just isn’t what it could be, and it can exacerbate or cause serious health problems. Check out your latest weather report and you will notice air quality reports are now running frontline and center. That’s why portable air purifiers are popping up everywhere these days. With one of these portable purifying devices in tow, you can effectively decrease your exposure to harmful pollutants that you're breathing without even realizing it.


Whether it’s a weekend walk with the family or a bike commute to work, you need to arm yourself with the latest wearable personal air purifier. The Atmotube PLUS Portable Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality Monitor is perfect for both homebodies and travelers. This wearable device keeps track of air your air quality and advises you how and when to reduce pollution exposure. 

How does it work? Atmotube PLUS detects the air quality inside your home, office or any area surrounding your person. It measures a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), weather changes, temperature and humidity. This app-integrated device ensures you will receive real-time accurate data regarding air quality, and it will even advise you on ways to reduce your exposure to air pollution.

Need further convincing? In the words of one 5 star reviewer, “as soon as I took it outside on a smokey day, the air quality numbers plummeted. I also like that it gives the humidity and temperature.” In other words, this stylish and lightweight air quality controlling device promises to keep you safe from the harmful pollutants you don't even know you're inhaling every single day. 

Right now, you can get an Atmotube PLUS Portable Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality Monitor for $67.99 when you use code VIP15 at checkout during our VIP Sale.


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