Improve Your Pup’s Health With This At-Home Allergy Testing Kit

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Pets provide companionship, affection and protection, forming a unique bond that transcends both of our species. It’s not surprising to learn that in addition to being a source of love and friendship, pets are also good for our health. It’s true! In many cases, they increase our exercise, get us outside to socialize and even lower our risk for asthma. So, if they take such great care of us, then don’t you think we had better take care of them? Of course! 


Sure, we take care to make sure they eat a healthy diet and get their daily dose of fresh air, but what about their overall health? Did you know that pets are especially susceptible to allergies? From the food they eat to the air they breathe, there could be harmful allergens lurking in your home. That’s why it is super important you get your beloved pet tested. 

Maybe Fido has been acting odd, missing dinner or perhaps scratching repeatedly at one particular spot. Time to get him tested! This Allergy Test My Pet Kit by At My Pet will help you get to the bottom of your pup’s well-being. The test kit was designed as a simple and affordable way to identify your pet's intolerances and sensitivities, allowing you to address any issues that may be hurting your pet right now. It's also useful in determining any health factors food or environmental dangers they need to be protected from in the future. 

This handy kit tests the proteins found in your dog's sample, and At My Pet will report for more than 100 items that could be causing any health concerns, including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco and more. Here’s what one five-star reviewer had to say: “Easy to use, fast results that are easy to understand. Now I can work on making my dog happier and healthier”. 

Our furry, four-legged friends are family, and you wouldn't want to expose family to something that can hurt them! The Allergy Test My Pet Kit is on sale now for just $69.99, a discount of 29 percent. 


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