Illuminate Your Living Space With This Contemporary Cube Lamp

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Sure, lighting is the first practical thing everyone should consider when decorating a space. But beyond that, your home decor doesn't have to be so utilitarian. Why not add art pieces to add a personal touch to a room? And if you combine both art and lighting into one — now you have something truly magical. That's precisely what you'll get with this Magic Cube Lamp from LampDepot. 

This LampDepot Magic Cube Lamp's design futuristically illuminates any space and adds a dimension of creative beauty with its visually stunning cubic design. With the Magic Cube Lamp, you'll enjoy soft and subtle ambient lighting, and the colors change from different vantage points to provide that artistic je ne sais quoi. 


You might think that lighting serves a single purpose: to, well, light up a room! But its effects are nothing to balk at. In fact, lighting can affect your mood. Soft lighting always provides tranquil settings perfect for relaxation, and it's far more flattering than hard light. Not to mention, harsh lighting can also affect your sleep patterns. Thankfully, the Magic Cube Lamp's soft lighting makes it a great addition to any room at any hour of the day. 

With this contemporary fixture, you'll be providing something for guests to talk about and envy for ages. Plus, the acrylic composition makes the Magic Cube Lamp lightweight and easy to set up in any room. No assembly is required. Simply unbox and enjoy soft illumination for years to come. 

Achieving a comfortable and inviting room requires thought and planning. Give yourself or that special someone the perfect lighting and art installation with this Magic Cube Lamp by LampDepot. Normally $129, you can save 7 percent on this stylish lamp for your home, dropping the price to $118.99

Prices subject to change.

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