How To Manage IoT Security Risks & Make Your Own Smart Home

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized our lives, taking everything from our alarm systems and baby monitors to ovens and even cars online. Being able to control these everyday essential items online is convenient, but it also opens up a separate slew of security issues. The best way to navigate the potential security risks of IoT? Learning the ins and outs of the technology yourself. 


Protect yourself and learn to create your own connected devices while you’re at it with The Mastering Internet of Things Bundle for$29. Through nine project-based courses, you’ll develop an understanding of the foundational concepts as well as how to use industry-standard platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. These courses are provided by Makerdemy, an online course provider that specializes in teaching the technology of tomorrow, which includes classes on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. 

One of the most crucial concepts in IoT is understanding how to connect and control home appliances via smartphone, which you’ll learn to do using Arduino. One hands-on course will specifically teach you to create communication between an Android device and electrical outlets, which isn’t only efficient for you but also helps prevent electricity waste. 

You’ll also gain insights into the many IoT possibilities with Raspberry Pi. Learn to use this of-the-moment tech to deploy a program remotely using a PC. You’ll also learn how to use Zigbee, a developer essential for remotely controlled devices. By the end of the course, you’ll have mastered the basics all the way to advanced activities, like controlling AC home appliances remotely via Raspberry Pi and Zigbee. 

As you move through this top-rated course bundle, you will start to master the mechanics behind the highly connected technology – making it easy to pinpoint where security risks may lie. Along with protecting yourself, you’ll start to build your own IoT items, like using sensors to remotely display water temperature and send you email alerts. Soon enough, you'll be as innovative and experienced as some of the top companies in the IoT space


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