How To Make Expensive AC Repairs Affordable

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As time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, life should get easier and more affordable — shouldn’t it? It doesn’t seem to make sense that home maintenance costs are climbing nearly 10 percent this year when our homes are supposed to be getting smarter and more intuitive. Part of the problem is that not enough of us are taking advantage of the cost-saving options that are out there. 

For example, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) repairs have historically been some of the most costly and challenging to come back from for homeowners. For technicians, fixing heating and air conditioning systems has also been tough, as these problems develop over years of neglect and oversight. Helping parties on both sides of this divide, provides a modern solution to catch heating and cooling problems before they grow out of control. 


When you sign up for a membership, you will get an easy-to-install monitoring kit mailed to you to get things going. From there, that device will monitor your heating and cooling units for any warning signs of malfunctioning equipment or damage that needs attention. A simple concept, SmartAC’s monitoring kits provide a service that would cost incalculable amounts of money in wages for a human to do — and they do it for a really affordable rate. 

Members of can access all of the data gathered by their monitor with an attractive and easy-to-use mobile app. From there, you can access regularly updated performance reports, ask questions to a team of experts available through live-chat support, and a whole lot more. members also get savings on their home insurance costs, discounted air filters for their homes, and regular updates on when it’s the right time to change filters. 

Its comprehensive approach to HVAC oversight makes a hit among members and technicians. It’s rated an impressive 5/5 stars in the App Store, and a lot of users rave about it on the website. One homeowner named David wrote, “ detected an issue with my air filter that could have been a huge problem and cost me thousands. So great knowing they’re watching so I don’t have to think about it.” 

Sign up for a membership with for just $49 per hardware kit and $8/month. 


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