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How This Program Rethinks Weight Loss

Reshape your thoughts around weight loss with noom.

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For people looking to turn over a new leaf and lose some weight or improve their wellness, figuring out how to go about it can be extremely overwhelming and challenging. When over 71,000 health and fitness apps are available globally, how can you choose just one to begin? Before stressing about that, try asking yourself why there are so many. Perhaps the most common approach to weight loss isn’t the most effective. 

The vast majority of these programs focus on the physical — i.e., how much you exercise and what you eat. However, while these are essential aspects of your health, your mind and mental health actually inform the decisions around how you operate from day to day. So instead of downloading an app that only speaks about the physical side of wellbeing, why not try something different? For example, Noom is an app that uses principles of behavioral psychology to inform its approach to helping people improve their health.


Users can sign up for either of Noom’s programs — Noom Weight for weight management or Noom Mood for stress management. After signing up, it’s easy to see how these stand out from all of the health and wellness apps out there. To begin, you are introduced to a curriculum of daily lessons to help you better understand your wellness journey. These bite-sized, digestible articles will help reshape how you think about your health and motivate you to make the changes you need. 

In addition to the daily psychology-based content offered by Noom, users can also take advantage of many human-driven support features. For example, users can access one-on-one coaching sessions with experts experienced in helping people successfully reshape their weight and stress management approaches. For a more communal resource, Noom also provides encouraging peer support groups for participants to utilize.

For Noom Weight, one six-month study showed 78 percent of participants losing weight successfully. Overall, Noom maintains an impressive 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars from over 5K reviews on its website. Many of these reviews are impassioned, like this one from a user named Annie who wrote, “So, Noom was different for me, from the very beginning. Because I felt like it was really giving me the tools and skills I needed to lose weight, and learn how to keep it off for good.” 

Get started with Noom today and discover the knowledge and support you need to create lasting change. 


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