How Sunday’s Science-Based Approach Makes Lawn Care Easy

This service makes lawn care simple.

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Landscapers are truly impressive professionals. There are so many nuances to taking care of a piece of land, which is why many of us average homeowners trying to save on expenses struggle to keep up on our own. It can be quite fascinating when you learn about the different variables that influence the health and vitality of your grass, plants and trees. But using all that to create an effective landscaping plan is also challenging. 

Luckily, you can take advantage of all of the science behind improving your yard without any of the analysis. is a platform that can do all of that for you. Using samples of your soil, as well as data based on your property’s geographical location and local weather systems, this new-age service can curate an ideal set of nutrients and fertilizers for your land — and then deliver it right to your door. 

Sending nutrients seasonally, Sunday also packages them for easy distribution. All you need is a garden hose, and then you can spray your cocktail across the lawn and watch as it works magic over time. You can also take advantage of the service’s wide variety of products for treating living plants and trees, weed control and animal-focused ones like a urine-resistant seed blend that’s an absolute hit across suburbs everywhere. 

For , in addition to how pretty it looks, you can enjoy the fact that it uses sustainable and soil-friendly ingredients like seaweed extract, molasses, and soy protein. 

, and after a while, you can discover how it maintains an average 4.3/5-star rating on its website from over 5,900 reviews. One of many five-star reviews from a verified buyer named Kevin reads, “Started my treatment with Sunday over the summer and my lawn is looking great as we get ready for winter! Just applied northeast nutrients, excited to see how it looks in the spring. Easy to use. Highly recommend [it]. 

Simplify your approach to lawn care, and

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