Here's A Gift Idea That Keep On Giving--And It Comes With Guaranteed Free Holiday Shipping (US Only)!

Get the PICO Planter Herb Garden delivered in time for Christmas when you order by 12/8.

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Someone planting a herb plant in a PICO Planter Herb Garden.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? Do you have someone who needs to add a little nature into their home life? We’ve got a great gift idea, but first, did you know that having a house plant in your personal space can improve your mood, reduce fatigue and lower stress? It’s true! So, our great gift idea isn’t only a house plant, it is a gift that can improve mental health! 

The PICO Planter Herb Garden isn’t your average herb garden. This smart planter is the highest-backed herb garden on Kickstarter. Designed and made from food-safe BPA-free recycled materials, PICO is a little herb garden pod that simplifies plant-keeping. Simple and easy, PICO has built in LED grow lights and a self-water mechanism that ensures the health of your chosen plant. The OSRAM LED grow lights energize your plant through wavelengths and the self-watering system lets your plant draw exactly the right amount of water it needs—top up once a week and your plant is good. 


Where to put your plant? That’s super easy. PICO has a built in mount anywhere design. That means you can place it, hang it or stick it without limitations. PICO is designed to grow whatever plant or herb you desire, so pick your fave greenery and start growing! 

Need to know more? Entrepreneur states, “The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits to Adorn Your Workspace” and Apartment Therapy says, “These Pots Let You Grow an Indoor Mini Garden, Even If You Don’t Have Natural Light”. PICO really is an ideal gift for anyone on your list, and right now, thanks to our Last Chance Shipping Campaign, you get free guaranteed holiday shipping until 12/8. 

What are you waiting for? Get the PICO Planter Herb Garden delivered in time for Christmas when you order by 12/8. For only $34.99 (reg. $49), you have scored yourself the title of “Best Gift Buyer, ever”. 

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