Yet Another Study Finds That The Children Of Same-Sex Parents Fare Just As Well As Others

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Robin Andrews 29 Jun 2018, 18:46

The study, admittedly, has a few shortcomings that the authors are clear about. This wasn’t a longitudinal study that looked at psychological development over time; instead, the survey answers, which were self-reported and potentially open to bias, were more like snapshots of those kids’ psychological states.

So yes, this isn’t a perfect study, but it almost doesn’t matter: this study doesn’t stand in isolation. It fits in with the results of dozens of pre-existing studies that have all approached the question differently and come to the same conclusion.

Take a huge review of a large body of research back in 2017, for example. This found that 95 percent of the 79 research studies they looked at showed no difference in the emotional, social, and educational development of the children raised by heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Noting that it was important to look at the 5 percent that did seem to show that a difference did exist, it turns out they were often authored by non-specialists in the subject or were badly designed and conducted.

More data is always welcome, but there’s no evidence that children who are raised by same-sex couples live confused, sad, abuse-riddled lives. That’s a nonsense of the highest order.

This new study, then, adds another piece of evidence to a gigantic pile that clearly shows that kids see their parents, whomever they are, in the same way: as their guardians, regardless of their sexuality. Good parents are good parents, regardless of anything else. Love is love – science says so.

In fact, that huge 2017 review found that something else did in fact seriously impact the psychological development of kids of same-sex couples: prejudice, homophobia, and discriminatory rhetoric from others.

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