World's First Head Transplant Will Use Virtual Reality To Prepare Patients

Inventum Bioengineering Technologies

"This virtual reality system prepares the patient in the best possible way for a new world that he will be facing with his new body," Canavero said. "A world in which he will be able to walk again."

Inventum Bioengineering Technologies

Canavero's team hope to pull off the groundbreaking experiment on Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian man with muscular atrophy. 

Speaking about the use of VR, Spiridonov said: “Virtual reality simulations are extremely important as this kind of system allows [the patient] to get involved into action and learn fast and efficiently. As a computer scientist, I am extremely certain that it is an essential technology for the HEAVEN project."

Canavero also dropped another bombshell at the conference by saying he hopes to conduct the operation in the UK. As with much of the project, that claim is shrouded with skepticism and uncertainty. Nevertheless, the doctor is as confident as ever. 

“Why? Because I had so much good feedback from Britain, from surgeons, that I do believe that it could get real traction if we push it hard here, so it is time for you here in Britain to start discussing all the ethical implications and if you are willing to see this happen here, because if the UK says no then it will be somewhere else," he added. "But in Europe the UK really looks like the most promising place."

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