Women Are Sharing Body "Facts" They Heard From Men, And We Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

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Katie Spalding 05 Sep 2018, 18:02

It's hardly news that women's bodies are something of an enigma, even in the modern age – and that's something that can have real and potentially fatal health ramifications. You'd hope, therefore, that medical professionals might be a bit more clued-up than the general population when it comes to female physiology. But as one Reddit poster on the r/badwomensanatomy subreddit explained, sometimes even doctors can be shockingly ignorant about how 50 percent of the world lives.


Other Redditors in the group have shared some of the terrible – and in some cases very NSFW – advice out there.


And remember, folks, when it comes to genitalia, normal can be different for everyone.


I mean, some of them just sound painful.


But, there's no shame in not knowing something – as long as you try to learn from it. After all, some of the brightest minds in the country have been caught out before.



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