Woman Banned For Sharing Breastfeeding Article Writes Brilliant Response To Facebook

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The article Karen was banned for sharing, which included a picture of signs to look out for.

"I posted [the above] article in a response to a mum who was experiencing nipple pain when breastfeeding. She had reached out in a BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUP. She was about to give up due to the lack of help she was receiving. She didn’t know what was causing her pain and she didn’t know how to fix it."

"My advice was not unsolicited, it was factual and medically sound. It directed her to relevant online as well as real-world help. The offending article is written by an IBCLC qualified lactation consultant and has medical based information regarding vasospasms. It also contains 2 photos of a blanched nipple for reference."

She goes on to write about her ban, and how bizarre it is in context of the posts that Facebook does allow.

"A quick search and I can find Karma Sutra positions with links to videos, topless beach babes with a poorly placed scribble across her nips, vibrators and many other pages with similar, sexual content.

These are all still in place as of this morning. I can join these groups and buy these products and services. I can even link up with a group that does live sex both using Facebook live OR if they get in trouble for that, they advertise ‘plan B’ which is a whats app group… all with Facebook’s blessing. Yet I can’t link an article to help a mother feed her baby."

The letter has drawn a lot of support online, and a change.org petition for Karen's ban has received almost 5,000 signatures. Check out the letter in full, it's well worth the read.

[H/T: Independent]

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