What Sex-Ed Didn't Teach You About Orgasms

Studies show that women reach climax less often than men do during sexual encounters together. Matheus Ferrero/Unsplash

Rosie McCall 07 Mar 2018, 15:58

Statistics do not count when it comes to your own intimacy. In bed, it’s you and your partner(s), and that is what matters. We cannot create nor do we trigger orgasms in our partners. We can only help to make them easier, more fun and more enjoyable for them.

Even if you may have a good idea of what your partner may want in bed, what people like varies a great deal. Thus, understanding what a partner wants, how, when, where, or for how long, requires openness, trust and, most importantly, communication.

These key ingredients may be what’s missing in both casual and long-term encounters. We could all be more open and humble, and acknowledge that with a good attitude and a good teacher, everyone gets better at it.

Your sexual prowess and ability to satisfy grows with practice; it goes without saying that our sexual lives should improve beyond previous negative experiences.

There may be very few things in this world that perhaps all people in this world enjoy, and orgasms are among them. But the enjoyment of sex is not the race to climb to the top of the mountain. Instead, it is the enjoyment of getting there.

So what can you do? Talk, be confident and pay attention to your partner.

Satisfaction means very different things for different people. What really matters is what you and your partner(s) want. Shattering the climax glass ceiling is a team effort. Sex is fun — and everyone has something to learn about it.

Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino, PhDc Behavioral Neuroscience and Public Scholar, Concordia University and Conall Eoghan Mac Cionnaith, Ph.D Candidate, Concordia University

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