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Curiously, female ejaculation was recently banned from UK pornography, whereas the act of male ejaculation was not. It’s not entirely clear why this was the case, but it was also deemed illegal to show alongside “aggressive whipping”, penetration by “any object associated with violence”, and strangulation, among others.

This was met with considerable protest, as it implies that female ejaculation is somehow too graphic or even perverse to show – unlike male ejaculation, which is hardly subtle itself. The implication was that, because the female orgasm is mostly urine, it should be classed as something more akin to an “obscene” pornographic act, like watersports, asphyxiation, and intentional violence.

Both types of ejaculation seem to serve the same purpose, yet one isn’t allowed to be shown in pornographic images. That’s society for you. worradirek/Shutterstock

As many commentators have pointed out, the fact that female ejaculation is mostly urine doesn’t make it any less obscene than the male product. When you’re drawing a line between microscopic tadpole-like critters and urine, you’ve simply got your priorities utterly wrong. Quite frankly, does it really even matter what it is as long as everyone is enjoying themselves?

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