Awesome Animation Shows You What Colorblind People See

Color blindness test. HUAJI/Shutterstock
Danielle Andrew 30 Jun 2015, 11:20

Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, affects approximately 1 in 12 males, and 1 in 100 females. There are various causes for the condition. For the majority of sufferers, the condition is genetic. However, illnesses such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis can cause degeneration of sight and cause vision deficiencies.

So have you ever wondered what the world looks like to the colour blind?



What you should see is the colours of the pencils fade out. If you don't see any change over a period of 5-10 seconds you might want to pop down to your local optometrist - especially as 40% of pupils currently leaving secondary school are unaware they have vision or colour deficiencies. 

There Are 3 Forms Of Colour Blindness. 

Protanopia, in which seeing and distinguishing between colours within the green-yellow-red section of the spectrum is impossible,

Dueteranopia which means sufferers struggle to see green-yellow-red,

and a rare type of colour blindness, tritanopia, which means sufferers can't see blue-yellow.

Website Etre have created an awesome simulator which allows you to upload any image of your own, choose which condition you want to simulate, and create an image as the sufferer would see it.



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