We Spoke To Bill Gates About Saving 400 Million People From Disease: "All Life Has Equal Value"

Bill Gates, pictured here after his meeting with the French President at the Elysee Presidential Palace back in June 2016. Chesnot/Getty Images

Although some thought the bill gave pharmaceutical companies too much leeway, it otherwise passed the Senate with a huge majority. Gates is clearly wary about what Congress may decide to do this year – “I do find myself having to explain why the aid budget should be a priority when some of the political trends seem to go against that,” he said.

He’s particularly concerned that cutting the overseas aid budget is on the agenda – but whatever happens, he still expects “huge advances” to be made in the medical field. Either way, Gates maintains that philanthropy will always be there to give humanity a helping hand.

Indubitably, this is something we can all be thankful for. As a direct result of initiatives like the London Declaration, millions of lives will be salvaged from a dark future, or no future at all.

“All the pieces are in place,” Gates concluded at the end of our call. “Time is on our side on this one.”

Bill Gates speaking at the Geneva summit. Gates Archive/Mike Kemp

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