Video Of A 50-Year-Old Cyst Will Make You Respect Your Dermatologist A Lot More

The baby-face cyst from the video, Sandra Lee via Youtube

The things that the human body creates are both fascinating and utterly disgusting, and there’s a phenomenal video of a 50-year-old cyst that is definitely a must watch – although not for the faint of heart.

In the video, dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper, cuts into the skin of a cyst, whereby a flow of grayish sludge comes pouring out. Before the cyst was popped, it looked like a baby face, and afterwards like a splatter movie from hell. The patient had it since he was five years old. Dr Lee thought at first this was a lipoma, a benign and soft fat growth, but it turns out it was an epidermoid cyst.

“Oh, that’s a cyst!” Dr Lee says in the video as she cuts the skin. “Sometimes they take us by surprise!”

A cyst is a fluid-filled lump that forms under the skin. They are not painful unless they become infected and they often disappear by themselves. This one, however, seems to have lasted for quite a long time.

Check out the video below. If you’re worried about something under your skin, contact a dermatologist.


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