US Alcohol Consumption Ranked By State – Where Does Yours Land?

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Aliyah Kovner 28 Sep 2018, 10:22

Rhode Island: 2.57 gallons

Massachusetts: 2.57 gallons

Louisiana: 2.59 gallons

Hawaii: 2.63 gallons

Florida: 2.65 gallons

Wyoming: 2.67 gallons

Oregon: 2.75 gallons

Minnesota: 2.77 gallons

Maine: 2.81 gallons

Colorado: 2.81 gallons

South Dakota: 2.87 gallons

Idaho: 2.92 gallons

Alaska: 2.94 gallons

Wisconsin: 2.98 gallons

Vermont: 3.08 gallons

Montana: 3.11 gallons

North Dakota: 3.26 gallons

Nevada: 3.46 gallons

Delaware: 3.72 gallons

District of Columbia: 3.85 gallons

New Hampshire: 4.76 gallons. With a rate of consumption that is three times higher than the states at the top of the list, it might appear that the residents of New Hampshire are more prone to worrying relationships with alcohol than those in other areas. Yet this number is likely inflated by residents of nearby East Coast states who come into New Hampshire to stock up on wine, beer, and liquor because the state has no sales tax. The other four US states that have no sales tax – Alaska, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon – are also far down on the list. 

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