This PETA Advert Has Caused Outrage For Obvious Reasons

PETA's campaign linking autism and dairy products has been met with widespread criticism. Despite being debunked many times, they continue to run it on their site.

The University of Texas looked at 14 other studies that investigated the efffects of casein and gluten-free diets on people with autism, and found that "overall the study quality was poor," and only the least scientific studies said that the diet improved behavior, The Atlantic report.

In short, their campaign linking autism to drinking milk was unscientific, and yet PETA have not taken it down, even after years of being told this.

The campaign resurfaced this week, after food writer Jack Monroe asked PETA to remove recipes from their website because of the campaign. In a brilliant twitter thread (which you should read in full), Monroe outlines why their campaign is offensive and why their claims are bogus.


If you Google keywords such as "milk and autism", their website is one of the first results that show up. It's time for PETA to remove this post, or at least admit the science is dodgy. 

There may be plenty of benefits to drinking milk alternatives. PETA should talk about these if they want people to stop drinking milk. Don't play on the fears of parents who are looking for advice on how to raise a child with autism.

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