This Is What It Looks Like Inside A Beatboxer's Throat

Tom Thum/YouTube

How is it possible to mimic a drum set with just your vocal cords, tongue, and lips? Fortunately, one brave beatboxer is willing to have an endoscope shoved up his nose to find out. 

Beatboxer Tom Thum sought out the help of otorhinolaryngologist (a fancy word for ear, nose, and throat doctor) Dr Matthew Broadhurst to see what was going on in there. They used multiple different types of endoscopic cameras to enter into Tom’s throat to observe what happens to the larynx, tongue, and the mouth when he makes these freaky inhuman noises.

As you can imagine, the results are pretty gross, but provide a good insight into how the saliva-coated cartilage and muscles in our throat give us the ability to talk, shout, sing, hum, and even sound like a hip-hop ensemble. 

[H/T: Boing Boing]


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