This Is The Single Best Diet For Your Overall Health, According To Nutrition Experts

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But diet isn't everything

Generally, if you want to shed some excess pounds you'll likely need to incorporate exercise into your regular routine, even if you're on one of the best science-backed diets. That's a component, along with price, that isn't factored into US News & World Report's rankings.

In one 2010 study, researchers assigned 144 overweight adults to one of three diets: the DASH diet, the DASH diet plus exercise, and a control diet in which the participant maintained their typical eating habits.

At the end of four months, those on the DASH plus exercise diet lost an average of 19 pounds. The other two groups lost little to no weight.


Getting started

Despite its benefits — healthy eating, controlling hypertension, and weight loss, to name a few — DASH can be difficult to adopt at first, which is why the US News & World Report says it's OK to ease into the diet.

"It does take willpower to stick to that [diet] and cut out things you like," Haupt said. "Red meat, sugar, salt — these are big parts of most people's diets, and if you've been accustomed to eat those things for so long, then making the changes and sticking to them will definitely take willpower."

Another potential downside to the diet is the time it takes to prepare fresh food for meals.

"Maybe if you're really crunched for time and you're not into cooking at all, then maybe this diet isn't the right diet for you," Haupt said.

She added that a couple of the other top-10 diets in this year's report, like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, either include premade foods you can pick up at the store or have delivered to you, which might better accommodate people who want to diet on the go.


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