A Skin Graft Repaired This Girl's Finger. But When She Hit Puberty, It Began To Grow Pubic Hairs.

People on TikTok have been sharing some strange things they can do with their bodies. Image Credit: TikTok/ollieoooop, Syda Productions/Shutterstock.com

People on TikTok have been sharing some strange things they can do with their bodies, that most other people don't seem to be able to.

For the most part, it's an absolute horror show of people who are hyperflexible, and I say this as somebody who can spin my arm through 540 degrees.


There are people who can bend their arms, fingers, and necks to degrees that would make the rest of us seek immediate medical attention.


There are people who can shoot breast milk out of their armpit.


To explain this one, breast tissue doesn't just stop at the breasts. A tail of breast tissue called the "axillary tail of Spence" extends into the underarm area, where it can become engorged, mainly during early breastfeeding. As these never (usually) get drained – when was the last time you saw a baby drinking baby juice straight from the armpit – the tissue stops producing milk pretty quickly. 

It's unusual for the pits to be drained like this, but nothing to worry about

The breakout star of the weird body trend is an American who goes by the username raemackenzie.


"So apparently my best friend thinks this is my time to shine," she said in a video seen by most of TikTok. "When I was two years old, my mom slammed a door shut on my finger and it ripped off the top piece of my finger. This was back in the 90s and I got a skin graft."

For skin grafts, surgeons take a patch of healthy skin from another area of your body for use on the injured part. For most people, this would be an arm or a leg, but her medical team didn't want the scar to grow as she grew.

"So they took it from my groin area," she explained. "My bikini line."

"I got home with the cast, I dunked my hand in the toilet and it got wet inside the cast so my finger healed wrong and it turned brown, which is really weird. But that's not even the best part. So when I hit puberty, I started growing hair down there, I also started growing hair on my finger."


Hair transplants, where the goal is to promote hair growth, take follicles from one area (usually the back of the head) and transplant them to where the hair growth is needed. It's possible that that's what's happened here, by accident. 

"Kids found that out at school and they started calling me coochie finger."


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