The Most Ridiculous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories We've Heard So Far

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COVID-19 isn’t even a virus, it’s 5G frying our brains 
Think 5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections? Think again! As, according to the internet, the disease COVID-19 isn’t a virus at all but in fact the effect of 5G towers, which were first introduced in 2019. This is, of course, rubbish but that hasn’t stopped it spreading across social platforms with the help of a few celebrities.


Singer Keri Hilson who has 4.2 million followers on Twitter hopped on the 5G bandwagon, but on the same day was advised by her management team to delete all Tweets and videos pertaining to the theory. A public post on Facebook outlines the theory in greater detail with some radical twists including 5G’s brain-frying capabilities. Bill Gates is also apparently back at it again, this time with a wicked plot to develop a “vaccine” that will in fact be a chip to monitor our movements. The post adds, “they can end ya life through them micro chips with the push of a button.” The author of the Facebook post has now also been flagged by Facebook’s independent fact-checkers as false information.

Snorting cocaine or drinking alcohol or cow urine can prevent it
As one of the cocaine capitals of Europe, the very fact that COVID-19 has taken most enthusiastically to London since reaching the UK would seem to imply that the white stuff provides no protection. The theory began to spread following a viral Tweet and eventually even got a rise out of the French government who told the nation, in no uncertain terms, “No, cocaine does not protect against COVID-19”. 

Others on social media have hinted towards booze as a preventative measure, but since the aftermath of a sesh can include a weakened immune system, it’s best not to try and use beer prophylactically. The only use of alcohol in preventing yourself from transmitting the disease is that found in hand sanitizer. 

In India, a cow urine-drinking party of 200 people hosted by a group called the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (All India Hindu Union) saw revelers pose for photographs next to a caricature of the coronavirus. Cows are considered sacred to many Hindus and some believe drinking their urine provides medical benefits including treating cancer. A photograph from the party shows Chakrapani Maharaj, the chief of the All India Hindu Union, with a spoon of cow urine facing a caricature of coronavirus. Seems Mary Poppins had it wrong all along as to how the medicine goes down.

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