Naturopath Under Fire For Treating Young Boy With Rabid Dog Saliva "Remedy"

This is... grim and distressing. Reddogs/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 18 Apr 2018, 17:23

Now, clearly, this is unscientific bullshit. Fun fact: You can’t contract “fake rabies” from anything. You’re either infected with a disease or you’re not. You can’t use bites to imprint an altered state either, because those words don’t mean anything.

Nevertheless, the blog claims that his behavioral issues are currently somewhat treated, and he’s now more afraid of the dark and cracks in a dresser – both of which would be incredibly hard to dilute into a homeopathic remedy, we suspect.

He also apparently doesn’t have rabies, which is lucky, even if the solution was extremely diluted. Lest we forget, other cases of homeopathic treatment have, in fact, turned out to be far grimmer.

Things have, understandably, escalated since the blog post received a fair bit of media attention.

Far from just the blog coming under attack, it’s been pointed out that lyssinum is one of just 8,500 homeopathic products that Health Canada, the government’s national public health agency, has approved. Other remedies use the cerebral fluid of meningitis patients or even remnants of chlamydia bacteria.

CBS News has reported that British Columbia’s senior public health official, Dr Bonnie Henry, has sent a letter of concern to the federal government. “There's no way I can understand why we would have anything that was meant to be saliva of a rabid dog approved for use in this country,” she said.

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