Masked Hypertension Is A Silent Killer – We Must Do More To Detect It


Kristy Hamilton 09 Dec 2016, 21:32

This new study overlaps with the clinical health research our vascular physiology research group is undertaking at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Our group is investigating the link between 24-hour blood pressure and heart function, and brain and kidney blood flow in the general population. As a result of this latest research paper, the information provided has highlighted the importance of routinely measuring 24-hour blood pressure as part of our research work. It will be important for our work to identify people with masked hypertension and understand the impact high blood pressure may have on organs like the brain, eyes and kidneys.

Stress of everyday living

Stresses and pressures associated with everyday living have been proposed as the reasons people may develop masked hypertension. It may be that only through measuring 24-hour blood pressure can masked hypertension be identified.

Some employers offer work-place health assessments, including 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. These sorts of initiatives are invaluable for identifying people with masked hypertension. In addition to identifying the problem, organisations need to put strategies in place to help people deal with stress, manage their blood pressure and reduce their cardiovascular risk.

The ConversationBarry McDonnell, Senior lecturer in Cardiovascular Physiology, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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