How Extreme Summer Heat Affects Your Body And Brain


Symptoms of this include many of the signs of heat exhaustion, though a person with heat stroke may have a fast, strong pulse; feel confusion; and may be losing consciousness. They also may stop sweating.

People suffering from heat stroke need to be cooled immediately. In that situation, don't give a person anything to drink. Move them to a cool place, put cool cloths on them or put them in a cool bath, and call 911.

Extreme heat makes us dumber.

If you've ever felt like the heat puts your brain into a fog — a sensation like that in a steam room, where it's hard to breathe, much less think clearly — you're not alone.

A number of studies show that as temperatures climb, we perform more slowly and more inaccurately on cognitive tests. This phenomenon affects everyone from students taking standardized tests to office workers trying to get through the day.

Heat causes air pollution and air quality to get worse, which makes it harder to breathe and leads to disease.

Ever noticed how you see more air quality alert days in the summer? Get ready for more.

On hot days, heat from the sun causes pollutants to react with atmospheric gases to form ozone. The hotter it is, the more ozone pollution is produced. Plus, still air on hot days causes smog to stick around.

One 2008 study found that for every degree Celsius the temperature rises, ozone pollution can be expected to kill an additional 22,000 people around the world via respiratory illness, asthma, and emphysema.

Non-ozone air pollution linked to warmer weather will also increase rates of lung cancer, allergies and asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

A 2017 study found that air pollution already kills 9 million people every year. So as temperature increases, that death toll will rise.

Abnormally high temperatures can cause suicide rates to spike.

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