Dr Oz's Tweet Linking Astrology To Health Is Exactly Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Behold! The Wheel Of Bullshit. vchal/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 07 Jun 2018, 12:21

Few would think that a medical professional should ever talk about astrology in this context. Normally such shenanigans could be easily dismissed, but the reason this matters, sadly, is that Dr Oz has a following of millions.

Many hang on his every word, and will take this as evidence that the movement of the stars really do explain why they feel poorly or not. Inadvertently or not, this is promoting a dangerous way of thinking about the world, and healthcare.

Lest we forget, he’s even on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, which means he has a direct line to Donald Trump’s ears. This couldn’t be more 2018 if it tried.


The world is exhausting enough as it is for scientists and science communicators. We’ve got climate change to deal with and climate deniers to push back against. We have volcanic eruptions in Guatemala and Hawaii – two very different threats – that are difficult enough to handle as is without false rumors spreading about them online.

We’re living at a time when the head of NASA saying he changed his mind about climate change by reading a lot and listening to experts is, in fact, good news. With that in mind, we absolutely do not need people like Dr Oz linking astrology to your health.

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