Doctors Respond To NRA Telling Them To "Stay In Their Lane" Over Gun Control

Doctors sick of trying to save people killed by gun violence have responded angrily to suggestions they 'stay in their lane'. Krisamorn/Shutterstock 

A more detailed response was provided by the American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine

The ACP represents more than 150,000 doctors, making it the largest medical specialty organization in America. Its previous proposals have also been endorsed by seven other bodies of specialist doctors.

The supreme irony of the NRA's position is that if the lane of preventing gun violence isn't for the doctors who clean up the mess, it ought to belong to people who study its causes and the effectiveness of controls. However, legislation pushed by the NRA itself bans federal funding for research on the topic.

When the research is funded philanthropically or by governments that don't have these restrictions, it consistently backs up the ACP's conclusions, or even goes further, such as a recent study confirming the effectiveness of Australia's far more drastic gun laws.

The same edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine also has a paper on how Americans misperceive the different forms of threats guns pose. A better understanding of the real dangers could lead to reduced loss of life. It seems, however, the authors of this and similar research are not among those the NRA think the ACP should have consulted.

Unsurprisingly, right-wing commentator Ann Coulter poured petrol on the fire, and got the inevitable response.

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