Learn Anatomy By Dissecting Knitted Animals

Emily Stoneking
Danielle Andrew 04 Oct 2015, 14:15

Weaving guts and wool into fantastic knitted creations, artist Emily Stoneking has made a line of (sort of) anatomically correct, partially dissected, knitted creatures.

Image Credit: Emily Stoneking

“I take a lot of artistic liberties,” Emily Stoneking told Bored Panda“I do spend a lot of time researching real anatomical structures, and my guts have evolved over time (they used to be pretty blobby and random). But now, they really look very human, which I have found people tend to gravitate to."

Image Credit: Emily Stoneking

Stoneking also added that "The real deal is pretty messy and there are not a lot of distinct colors, and I want it to look more like an anatomical illustration (albeit an inaccurate one)," added Stoneking "I have begun moving toward more human based two-dimensional felted pieces, which I do aim to make very anatomically correct."

Stoneking also branches out into more unusual anatomical creations.

Image Credit: Emily Stoneking

“The question I get asked most often is: ‘Are you a scientist?’ And the answer is a resounding, no! I have a historian’s brain, not a scientist’s brain, I’m afraid."

Stoneking sells her knitted animals dissections and other educational pieces on her aKNITomy Etsy shop.


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