Cookbook Recalled After Experts Warned The Recipes Could Literally Kill You

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An Instagram influencer and blogger has had her cookbook recalled after several foraging experts and Amazon reviewers pointed out that many of her recipes could make you ill.

Johnna Holmgren (also known as Fox Meets Bear) is a Minnesotan-based mom of three who blogs about foraging, cooking, gardening, and "peaceful parenting". Over the years, she's racked up more than 130,000 Instagram followers and curated a beautifully stylized feed filled with snapshots of candlelit dinner parties, woodland jaunts, and bunches of freshly picked radishes. 


A cookbook selling her back to nature-based lifestyle and aesthetic, Tales From a Forager's Kitchen, was published in May this year but has been recalled just a few months later after a torrent of bad reviews and a news report from BuzzFeed, which highlighted how dangerous some of the recipes could be. 

"Unfortunately, I have to conclude that this book... contains several quite glaring and damning errors that would have immediately been caught by anyone with at least a couple years of experience with wild foods – or cooking, for that matter," wrote one reviewer, forager and host of The Good Life Revival Podcast, Sam Sycamore. 

In response, Crown Publishing released a statement on Thursday explaining their decision to discontinue the book. This is what they had to say:

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