How To Survive A Nuclear Attack, According To Chinese State Media

The Castle Bravo test on March 1, 1954. United States Department of Energy/Public Domain.

That's the science, at least. It appears the rest of the situation now lies in the hands of a few dozen humans on either side of the Pacific Ocean.

“Even if a war erupts on the peninsula, it is South Korea, Japan, and the US bases in the Asia-Pacific that will likely be priority targets for North Korea,” Global Times, another newspaper run by the Chinese government, said in an editorial about the Jilin Daily article. “There is a slim chance that the US or North Korea will intentionally launch military attacks at China as they have no grounds.”

“Meanwhile, as a powerful nuclear state, China will resolutely return like for like.”

Thankfully, they went on to concede: “China needs to brace for the worst scenario and nuclear-related publicity is needed. But we don't need to panic.“

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