Burger King's Halloween Burger Does Something Scary To Your Poop

photo credit: Burger King

Inspired by its notorious Japanese menu, Burger King has released a black-bunned "Halloween Whopper" for sale in the U.S., Spain and the U.K. during the month of October. However, what is most scary about the burger is the "trick or treat" it pulls on your bowels.

The Whopper has been giving those brave enough to eat it green poop. As such, the online collective conscious of Twitter has reacted with the hashtag #greenpoop and, no surprises, it's trending on both Twitter and Facebook. 

The black-bunned Whopper has been around in Japan for almost a year, yet no green poop has been reported there. Perhaps it's because the Japanese black buns were made with squid ink, whilst their Western counterparts are made with artificial food dye. Or maybe it’s just the spooky spirit of Halloween.







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