A Life-Threatening Piece Of ACTUAL Fake News Has Gone Viral On Facebook. Please Stop Sharing It

Unsurprisingly, this information does not have nearly the same volume of shares as the article telling you you're going to get ill if you have the flu shot. It doesn't contain any of the dramatic language that thrives on social media, just cold facts, learned from studies conducted by scientists.

So let's put this in a way that's a little more dramatic, in the vague hope people will share this information, rather than fake news.

If you share articles warning people not to take the flu vaccine, somewhere out there someone could read it. They could be in a vulnerable group. They could be over 65, they could have chronic heart, lung, or kidney disease. They could be put off getting a vaccine because of the article you shared. They could get ill and they could become one of the 36,000 people in the US who die every year because of influenza.

And that could have been prevented if you hadn't shared fake news.

[H/T: Think Progress]

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