11 Foods With A Bad Reputation That You Can Feel Good About Eating

Cheese, carbs, gluten — none of these things are inherently bad. INSIDER

It's possible to overdo it with caffeine, as too much at once can trigger anxiety or even be deadly. People usually need to consume it in a concentrated form to get that much into their bodies. But caffeine itself, even from non-coffee sources, is also associated with good health.

High-fat foods have long been demonized, but there's more and more recognition that they are essential.


More and more research shows that eating fat — the nutrient — doesn't necessarily cause body fat to increase.

We need fat to survive, especially healthy fats like those found in eggs, olive oil, and avocados. High-fat diets are not necessarily associated with heart disease, according to large reviews of research. And eating enough fat can help fuel activity and keeps you full for longer, leading to healthier food consumption overall.

Pasta and other carbs shouldn't necessarily be discarded either.

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As the pendulum has swung away from demonizing fat, people have started to consider carbs the enemy. But carbs, especially whole grain carbs, have long been part of a healthy human diet.

As with most foods, the key is moderation. A recent long-term study found that people who got around 50% of their calories from carbs tended to live longest. Eating too many or too few carbohydrates were both associated with a higher risk of death.

There is some concern that particularly processed carbs (like those in candy or cookies) that are absorbed quickly may raise blood sugar in a dangerous way. But whole grain carbs and carbs from plants are essential sources of energy. Just don't forget to eat vegetables with your pasta.

During the years of fat avoidance, skim milk took off, but there are good reasons to opt for whole milk.


Whole milk is a fantastic source of calcium, protein, fat, vitamin D, and other nutrients. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that dairy fat doesn't seem to have a negative impact on cardiovascular disease or death rates.

Plus, research indicates that high-fat dairy consumption tends to be connected to a lower risk for obesity.

Fatty oils can be healthy — and that's not limited to olive oil.


People tend to recognize that olive oil is healthy at this point, despite having a high fat content — it's healthy fat, after all.

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