Guard Your Data With This Always-On VPN

This lifetime subscription to HideAway VPN helps keep your data safe for $199, 74% off the $499.99 MSRP.

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While the privacy tools we have are rapidly improving, signing onto the internet can still open the door to snoops and criminals. A returns control of your data to you, with an easy to use tool that's always on.

Virtual private networks cut off spying and tracking by connecting to a server owned by the network, before you log into a site. Any attempt to track you dead-ends at the server. VPNs also allow you to access content from anywhere by tapping into a local connection, so you can stream your favorite shows and music anywhere in the world.


bolsters these features with its own tools, such as automatic connection that lets you set it up and then let it run while you work. IP addresses are masked and all data is encrypted for extra safety. It also blocks DNS "leak" attacks, to ensure that nobody can find your real IP address. A zero-logging policy means your connections and history aren't documented. And if the VPN goes down for any reason, a built-in kill switch disconnects you, so you aren't exposed.

There's no limit on your connection speed, and with fast international servers, you can tie into even the most data intensive tasks anywhere in the world. More features are being added every day, with custom filters, speed tests and encryption configuration being developed. Whether you're a world traveler who wants to stay connected to home, or just someone who wants to log in without worry, HideAway works on any computer with Windows 7 and up, making it ideal for both modern computers and legacy devices.

Your privacy is valuable, and it's up to you to guard it. This helps keep your data safe for $199, 74% off the $499.99 MSRP.

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