Grab This Gadget To Charge & Clean Your AirPods For Only $22.99

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Your electronic devices and gadgets are your lifeline, and taking care of them is super important. However, keeping them charged and tidy can be a full-time gig. Let’s be honest, your gadgets are pretty useless without any juice and who wants to put dirty AirPods in their ears? No one, that’s who. That’s why you need to get your hands on this pretty cool combo, which only sets you back a few bucks. 

The Wireless Charger + Cleaning Pen Set for AirPods will be your newest best friend. For only $22.99 (reg. $49) you get a wireless charging dock for AirPods and a multi-use cleaning pen for AirPods and earbuds. The wireless charging dock lets you charge your AirPods without the hassle of messy wires, which means you can literally toss them on the charging pad and have them ready for when you are walking out the door. 


What’s more, the handy multi-function cleaning pen gets rid of any dirt or grime that might have accumulated over time on your trusty AirPods or earbuds. The pen features a soft brush and a looped fabric tip on one end and a microfiber pad on the other. Brush away any stains tough or otherwise with ease. Give your AirPods the TLC they deserve. 

The Wireless Charger + Cleaning Pen Set for AirPods is great for anyone on-the-go or looking to keep there office space efficient and neat. This is a great combo that can fit in your pocket or tuck away neatly into a backpack or bag. Keep your AirPods juiced up and clean with the Wireless Charger + Cleaning Pen Set for AirPods. 

Get The Wireless Charger + Cleaning Pen Set for AirPods for $22.99 (reg. $49.99), a discount of 54 percent. 

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